World Centres "Fortune Teller"


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World Centres "Fortune Teller"


8.5x11" Paper


Print out the pattern onto plain paper.  Print this page or Download a .PDF file (Acrobat Reader Required)

Cut out the square along the outside edges

Place it printed side up.

 Fold the bottom edge up to the top edge (make a rectangle).  Crease & unfold.

Fold the right edge over to the left edge (make a rectangle).  Crease & unfold.

Turn the paper over so it is printed side down.

Fold one corner in to the centre (where the creases meet).  The Logo & name of one World Centre should be showing.  Repeat with 3 remaining corners.

Turn the paper over so you can see the World Flag.  Fold all 4 corners in to the centre

Bring the four corners together and slip your fingers under the flaps.  Play with a friend!