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Canadian World Friendship Fund Bank


8.5x11" Paper (optional)
8.5x11" Lightweight Cardboard

Glue stick
Craft knife (optional)


Print out the pattern onto lightweight cardboard.
* If your printer won't print onto cardboard, print the pattern on regular paper, and glue it to the cardboard.

Cut out around the outside edge of the bank pattern.  Be careful not to cut off the tabs!

Cut out the slots (shaded areas) on tabs "a", "b", and "j" with scissors or a craft knife.

Colour the bank.

To assemble the bank:

Fold all the tabs to the inside (unprinted side) along the lines.  Don't forget to fold the small "h" tabs into the "g" tabs.

Fold the bank along all the lines.  Each piece should be folded towards the inside (unprinted side).

Glue tab '"c" in place on the inside of the bank to form a square tube shape.

Fold up the bottom and glue tabs "d", "e", and "f" in place.

To close the bank, insert the "g" tabs into the slots on tabs "a", "j", and "b".  Press the "h" tabs gently against the "g" tabs while inserting.  The "h" tabs should unfold slightly inside the bank, and prevent the bank from opening accidentally.

Use your new bank to collect spare change.  When it is full, open it and send your donation to the Canadian World Friendship Fund!