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Dene Hand Game (Stick Game)


Two teams with any number of players


Five sticks for each team
One specially marked stick
Two small rocks or pieces of bone, one with markings

How to Play

Stick Game Set-up

Sticks and players are arranged as shown.
Player "1" hides one of the rocks in each of her hands.
Player "1" holds her closed hands in front of herself at chest height.
Player "A" tries to guess which hand is holding the marked stone.
Player "1's" teammates chant, sing, or drum to distract the other team while they are guessing.
If Player. "A" guesses correctly, her team wins one of the other team's sticks which is placed alongside their own. The stones are passed to Player "2" and Player "B" attempts to guess.
If Player "A" guesses incorrectly, the stones are passed to Player "B" who hides them for Player "2" to guess.
Teams must win back their own sticks before taking their opponents' sticks.
The game continues until one team succeeds in winning all of their opponents' sticks and the specially marked stick in the middle.