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Well, judging from some of the emails I've received, you're here for one of two reasons: (A) You want to know what "Squall's Spooky Corner" is; or (B) you're wondering wondering what the hell happened to the "old" Squall's Spooky Corner. Luckily, I can answer both of these questions in one shot. Here's the deal: Basically, the old site just got too cluttered the way it was set up, and to be honest, parts of the site were starting to stagnate due to lack of interest--on my part and on the part of the regular visitors. Needless to say, a change was necessary. The site has therefore been reformatted. Most of the content remains unchanged, and most of the pages will still be accessible, although not all of them will continue to be updated. More importantly though, this new format gives me an excuse to pan out a little bit. When I set out to create my own site in 1997, I wanted it to include a variety of topics. This didn't exactly turn out the way I planned--but not to say I'm disappointed. Quite the contrary. My site has certainly taken off over the years and I'm thrilled with some of the responses I've received. That said, though, there are other things I'd like to focus on. It was high time for a shake up.

What does that mean? Well, I've spent a great deal of time explaining things already in regards to the X-Files section of the site, but it won't hurt to be a bit repetitive. Basically, the X-Files section is no longer updated as of 2002, mostly due to lack of time and interest. However, the existing content will remain online as an archive. For more information, please visit The X-Files Page.

As for the rest of the site, here's where the fun begins. The U2 section continues to grow, and I hope to be adding other random sections as the months go on. It won't happen overnight, but bit by bit, you should see some exciting things here! There will be a lot to come, so keep stopping by!

Where to go from here?

If you're looking for something specific, or if you've wandered into this "what the hell" page by accident, I've included some short cuts below to the more popular sections of my sites. So if you're stuck, try these links:

Now, after all that, if you're still lost, stuck, or confused, or have other questions pertaining to the site, email me

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