The X Poll

Well, now that the show has ended, so has the poll. But take a look below to see how your favourite episode fared and the total number of votes it received!

Episodes Receiving Votes

(ties included)

1. Small Potatoes(47)
2. Triangle(41)
3. Bad Blood(40)
4. Memento Mori(28)
5. Postmodern Prometheus(20
6. (tie) Beyond the Sea(19), Paper Hearts(19)
7. (tie) Ice(18), Pusher(18)
8. Redux II(16)
9. Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose(13)
10.(tie) Detour(11), Jose Chung's From Outer Space(11)
11.(tie) One Breath(10), Irresistible(10), The Beginning(10)
12.(tie) Dreamland(9), How the Ghosts Stole Christmas(9), 4-D(9)
13. Rain King(8)
14. Tooms(7), Anasazi(7), Field Where I Died(7), Syzygy(7), The Unnatural(7)
15.(tie) Duane Barry(6), Demons(6), The Gift(6), Humbug(6), Millennium(6), Quagmire(6), Via Negativa(6), The End(6), Tunguska(6)
16.(tie) War of the Coprophages(5), Red and the Black(5), Tithonus(5), Monday(5), Dreamland II(5), Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man(5), Little Green Men(5), Darkness Falls(5)
17.(tie) Apocrypha(4), John Doe(4), Arcadia(4), Christmas Carole(4), Elegy(4), Emily(4), Squeeze(4), Never Again(4), Eve(4), Redux(4)
18.(tie) Blessing Way(3), Without(3), Sleepless(3), Piper Maru(3), Requiem(3), Terma(3), all things(3), Closure(3), Mind's Eye(3), Pine Bluff Variant(3), Unruhe(3), Pilot(3)
19.(tie) 2Shy(2), One Son(2), End Game(2), Wetwired(2), Within(2), Milagro(2), Biogenesis(2), Chinga(2), Colony(2), Paperclip(2), Revelations(2), Field Trip(2), Erlenmeyer Flask(2)
20.(tie) 3(1), 731(1), Alpha(1), Ascension(1), Aubrey(1), Dod Kalm(1), DPO(1), Existence(1), Fire(1), Folie A Deux(1), Grotesque(1), Herrenvolk(1), Hollywood AD(1), Home(1), The Host(1), Kaddish(1), Kill Switch(1), Leonard Betts(1), Nisei(1), Our Town(1), Patient X(1), Sein Und Zeit(1), Talitha Cumi(1), The List (1), Two Fathers(1), Unusual Suspects(1).

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