So you may have noticed that the links have shrunk somewhat. Unfortunately, ost of the pages I had formerly diplayed here have moved so many times, I no longer have active URLs for them. Therefore I now have a lot of room on this page. If you have a site you'd like me to link to, please email me

General Links

x The Official X-Files Site
x The X-World
x Purity Control
x X-Files Domain
x Jenny's X-Files
x X-Files for the Detail Obsessed Phile great page with more insightful information than you can imagine!
x X-Files Ratings and Reviews
x Believe The Lie dedicated to Gethsemane's cliffhanger finale. of course it's out-dated now, but you can still read all the wacky theories people sent in about the finale.
x The Truth is Out There Society
x X-Files Page for the Mentally Ins@ne
x AC's X-Files Page

Just for Fun

x Sharra's Xperiment: X-Files Humor classic Sharra and Squall humor. it doesn't get any better that this!
x Fun With X-Files Barbies honestly. this page is a riot! have kleenex and a glass of water with you... you'll need it :-)

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