Field Report ~ Season 7 REQUIEM 7X22

We must come full circle to find the truth....

OH MY GOD! Give me a minute to catch my breath. ACK!!! Holy shit! *LOL* Well, after weeks of dabbling in uncertainty, The X-Files has managed to pull off a fantastic season finale, dealing out what is arguably the greatest cliffhanger since Gethsemane. I swear, it's been a while since X-Files has left me this shaken up. It's a great feeling! :-)

But just a little aside. Before I begin, I'd like to give a big hello to all the members of the Church of X who are partying down in Minnesota at the season finale bash. HEY GUYS!!! OH MY GOD! *LOL* Wish I could be there! Hope you're having a blast!
And now, on with the show....

Well gang, just when we thought the X-Files was getting a little predictable, they've gone and thrown us a curve... and left us all emotionally ravaged. If Mulder's abduction wasn't enough to get us tearing our hair out over the off-season, Scully's pregnancy has left us all gape-jawed--not that we didn't see it coming about 20 minutes into the ep, but at any rate, I feel it's safe to say that this particular turn of events was the last thing the vast majority of us expected--well, I think it's something that's always been at the back of our minds, but at least for me, it's always been a thing of fanfic (and in case you're wondering, I already have 3 loosely-constructed theories as to "how it happened"--what are you all looking at me like that for? *LOL*).
But before I get into the grandiose stuff, I will start with the less-shocking aspects of the episode.

Firstly: CSM's terminal illness... breathing through a trach. Ugh. Thinking back to the events of En Ami, it appears now that CSM *did not* use the disk to cure his illness. Although I had speculated that he did indeed administer the cure, I didn't find his deteriorating condition at all surprising. As we learned in En Ami, CSM no longer seems to want power. He's old, tired. As Mulder said to Scully, "it's got to end somewhere." Maybe CSM decided that his time had come. Now as for his possible murder at the hands of Krycek? Though you can take it both ways, I'm not willing to write him off so easily. This episode was certainly filmed with the intension of being open-ended, but on this note, I'm not convinced that this is the end for him.

Next: the return of Krycek and Marita. I certainly did not expect Krycek to turn up in Tunisia. But this said, the locale couldn't have been more fitting. It proves that a significant chapter of the Syndicate still remains active in Tunisia--Strughold, perhaps?
But back to Marita and Krycek. The two make a rather interesting pair. Undoutedly, they are both completely self-interested, even within their own shaky alliance. And even after all these years, we have yet to discover where their loyalites lie. All we know is that Krycek and Marita, once lovers, are now mortal enemies--however enemies united against an even greater foe: Cancer Man. But what does each of them really want, besides revenge? I can't wait for this to unfold a little more :-)

And now, skipping over all the plot, because I don't even want to touch that yet, we arrive at Mulder and Scully.
My goodness. Through a touching mixture of empathy for Scully and an apparent foreshadowing of his own fate, Mulder suddenly sees an end in sight. It is an end which he does not attempt to fight off or prevent. He's ready to accept it--on one condition: that Scully be kept from whatever fate awaits him. Undoutedly, Mulder is still riddled with guilt over the responsiblity he feels for many of the tragedies in Scully's life. But further complicating these feelings, after the death of his mother and closure in the search for Samantha, Scully is the only thing he has left to hold on to. He can't bear to lose her--and for the record, he said it :-) Thus we have many touching Mulder/Scully moments in this episode--what I think amounts to a new record. The hotel room scene now tops my list of memorable moments--and if you will, on one level the scene can, in retrospect, almost be regarded as funny. Indeed, while the X-Files are being audited, Mulder cockily suggests that he and Scully share a room to cut down on hotel costs *LOL* Ah, sometimes being a shipper has grand rewards :-)

Unfortunately, however, all the Mulder/Scully gushing comes to a premature end. In his fear of losing Scully, an abductee, Mulder becomes an abductee himself--though we understand otherwise, could Mulder be doing this as a means to switch places with her? Stumbling into an alien tractor beam, Mulder is sped away, right before the eyes of the boss-man himself... and interestingly, Skinner is devestated when he has to bring the news to Scully. I think he knows just how much Mulder means to her, and he views his disappearance as his fault. Interesting twist, here. Skinner and Scully paired up for season 8? Who knows.... Now where has Mulder gone? We can only wonder. All we know is that our beloved G-man won't be back for quite some time........ *tears*

But, moving away from the disappearing Mulder travesty, we come to one of the most shocking bits of info ever offered on the X-Files--well, as I said, not that any of us haven't considered it, I just don't think we ever actually thought it would happen. Scully is pregnant!? The statement speaks for itself. Now as for the why of it, I can't even begin to speculate. Even now, I'm wondering where this is going. But, that's getting way ahead of myself. I think now, we should be concerned about the how (and you know what I mean *LOL*). Oh, and on one note, I'll leave aside the "immaculate conception" theory for now, because this is borrowing too much from the Bible or The Phantom Menace :-)

Off the top of my head, I've come up with three loose theories.

  1. Of course, the most immediate speculation is that, despite Scully's infertility (documented medical cases prove it can happen) the baby is Mulder's, that somewhere, possibly in all things, Mulder and Scully must have crossed the line, and, my goodness! Look what happened! *LOL* But, as much as shippers would like this to be so, I have to go with my instincts. Something tells me this is not how the situation arose (besides, if it is, then as a shipper, I'd feel very cheated *LOL*). So while I'm not completely ruling it out, I honestly don't think it's very likely, either. Now I'm not saying that the baby isn't Mulder's; just not Mulder's by this particular means. But I'll get to that in a minute :-)
  2. My second theory is that Scully was abducted against her own knowledge, inseminated with an alien fetus aboard a spacecraft, and returned. I'm not ruling this out either, but in my opinion, it's too predictable, too obvious. It would have to be something with a little more substance. This one is just a little bland for my tastes.
  3. And on that note, I arrive at my third theory. We need a little background for this one, though, so bear with me. We know Scully was abducted, and we know her ova have been taken. But Mulder has also been taken and tested as well. It's possible that his semen could have been collected. And on this note, all you have to do is the math of meiosis. The material is there. Of course, somebody would have to want to orgestrate this scenario--CSM, perhaps? Indeed, he knows what Scully really wants, and he does have a soft spot for her. He also knows that she loves Mulder, even if she refuses to admit it. It's possible that he simply wanted to give something back to her, out of gratitude? Appreciation? You just can't tell with CSM. Now I realize that the timing is a little off, but En Ami could have presented the perfect opportunity for him to carry out this deed. So... what really happened after Scully fell asleep (and no... please don't tell me you think it's CSM's baby, because I'll be physically ill *LOL*).

So, is the baby Mulder's? Very possible, however way you want to believe it happened. Is the baby some sort of hybrid? Also very possible. It's also possible that the baby could be Mulder's and a hybrid. We already know Mulder possesses alien DNA. And then of course there is the possibility that the baby is neither, but that gets a little scary *giggle* Anyway, those are the very preliminary theories I've come up with for the moment. If I think of anything else, you'll be the first to know :-)

And now, the end. Mulder is gone, and Scully has to find him. She owes it to him. And she will find him. If anyone can bring our hero back to us, the G-woman can. So henceforth, Scully, go out into the world and find your man! (sorry, I'm getting tired *giggle*).

Well gang, that brings us to the end of season 7. We have a long way to go till the premiere. Hang on, everybody! Have a great summer!

Squall's Rating: 9


Be careful what you wish for...

Well, if I had been given three wishes after Fight Club, one of them would have been for a better episode. And happily, it appears as if one of my wishes has been granted. Je Souhaite is a humourous, interesting, and all around solid episode; and most importantly, a marked improvement over the abhorrent Fight Club. Yay! Now I'm not sure where my genie/genyah is at the moment, but if he or she would be so kind as to show up, I'd like my other two wishes... or not :-)

I think what I like most about this episode was the genyah herself. Her uppity, politically correct and nearly nonchalant attitude fits her character perfectly. Moreover, she is effective both as a reluctant genie, and an objective observer of human nature. As Genyah so cleverly demonstrates, you can't always get what you want. And you probably shouldn't get what you want anyway, because what you want and what you think you want can be two very different things.

In addition to the genyah, there are other enjoyable aspects of this episode. I found the imperceptiveness of Leslie's character extremely funny, if only for the fact that I know a few people who take almost as long to clue in to what is going on around them... if at all :-)
As well, Scully's marked elation at finding a scientific anomally--and her subsequent disappointment and embarrassment at losing him--is priceless. Equally funny is Mulder's reaction; he is decidely nonplussed. Perhaps after enduring seven years of weirdness, a real live invisible man just isn't impressive enough for our G-man. Nor is a real live genyah, for that matter.
And then, of course, we have rent-a-movie night at Mulder's. It seems that Scully has been spending quite a bit of her free time at Mulder's apartment lately. Hmm... :-)

Anyway gang, that's about all I have for this week. Je Souhaite is a cute, solid, and all-around enjoyable episode.
Now as for next week, the season/series(?) finale, I'm a little apprehensive, to say the least. I'll be waiting in nervous anticipation!

Squall's Rating: 7


Is it safe to look now?

Well gang, sorry to disappoint, but I really don't have much to say about this episode. Generally speaking, it mostly failed to hold my interest--more than that, some of it nearly made me cringe. I hate to say it, but I felt something vaguely reminiscent of relief when the credits finally began to roll.

In a nutshell, I think this episode possessed small twinges of something interesting--the basic idea of dopplegangers and that like charges will repel while opposites attract--but beyond that, it falters badly. For one thing, the idea of people beating each other senseless for no other reason than to beat each other senseless is a little much for me to take. I can see this being somewhat of a poke at professional wrestling, but even that is a far stretch. In my opinion, this display of gratuitous violence wasn't even funny. Ridiculous and ludicrous is more like it :-)
In addition, maybe I'm not feeling very insightful today, but the whole reason for Mulder being stuck down a sewer for 10 hours pretty much escaped me (beyond being an odd plot device intended to get rid of him for a while). If anyone has a theory, please enlighten me.
And is it just me, or did people seem to yell a lot in this episode? Hmmm... whatever.

But, as is almost always the case, even in the worst of episodes there is something positive to pluck out. I have to say I found Mulder and Scully's little game of charades at the beginning forced, but funny. And I did get a laugh out of the following exchange between Scully and Angry Bob: (I might be add-libbing here)

Scully: I'm Special Agent Dana Scully.
Angry Bob: What makes you so special?

It does make you wonder about job titles, doesn't it?

Anyway, sorry to cut this short, but truthfully, that's about all I have to say about Fight Club. I hate to put it so bluntly, but this episode really isn't worth my time. I think we definitely have another one to add to the Travelers, Alpha, Space and Terms of Endearment batch--this one might just be the worst ever. I hope this "blah" streak doesn't carry over to the finale.

Squall's Rating: 1 (and that's being generous)


Crazy people can be very persuasive.

Well. It's going to take my stomach muscles a long time to recover from this one! I was laughing so hard, I think I missed half the episode *giggle* I have a feeling this review is going to be a little crazy. I'm a little punchy from lack of sleep, and this episode has put me in a strange mood :-) Spontaneity is the word of the evening... bear with me! I hope I don't scare any of you away *LOL*

Before I begin, I have to commend David Duchovny for presenting a brilliant spoof of the on-screen and off-screen world of the X-Files; in other words, a window into his life and his world. What we have, rolled up into one very humourous package, is an excellent parody of the X-Files itself, the X-Files behind the scenes, the lives of the actors, screen-writers and directors, a little tidbit on die-hard fans themselves, and an apparent parody of the recent religious overtones the X-Files has adopted. I don't think I have to tell you that this episode is brilliant not for what it is, but for what it represents. Indeed, David is very quickly establishing himself as a master of satire :-)

But, that said, let us get on with the fun :-) I'm warning you, though, this gets a little rocky *giggle*

I call this.... The Spoof Is Out There...

First on my list of things to rave about: we begin with what is obviously David's take on the X-Files, an almost ridiculous rendering of zombies and magic bowls and cigarette smoking pontiffs and hostage Tea Leoni-Scully--who, I must say, has managed to capture Gillian's tone of voice almost exactly. The scene is, of course, the X-Files blown entirely out of proportion, the smallest nuances magnified into an absurd and hilarious "mini-episode"... or, if you will, it is a very good satire of a very bad episode. However you wish to interpret it, it's brilliant, the perfect opener to an episode which just kept getting better and better.

"Mulder, is that your flashlight or are you just happy to see me?" Did we ever think we'd hear this on the X-Files? *LOL*

Next on my list of things to rave about: the introduction of "The Skinman." Ah, it looks as if we have the beginnings of a new series in the workings. Yes fans, tune in for the weekly adventures of Spooky, Sister Spooky and The Skinman. You won't want to miss the wacky adventures of this terrific trio. Watch as our heros tackle evil aliens, icky zombies, and shadowy government characters. And when the day's work is all done, relax and unwind with a nice warm bubble bath. Who said a hard day's work doesn't have it's rewards?

Who said David Duchovny doesn't look like Richard Gere? :-)

Rave number 3... well, actually, I'm going to start with a rant. Even when the X-Files was back in its wee and humble beginnings, I always wondered how the hell Scully managed to run in those frickin shoes. (I personally hate high heels. I much prefer to my beloved and well-worn 8-hole doc martens. Comfortable AND stable). One scene I always call to mind is Scully trudging agily through the woods in Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose wearing 4-inch spikes *LOL* But tonight, Scully showed us just how it's done. While Mulder shoots the breeze with Gary Shandling, Scully runs repeatly back and forth across the set, displaying the well-perfected art of high heel running while Tea Leoni looks on with admiration. I have to say, I just about pissed my pants watching this scene. As Homer Simpson would say, "Scully running back and forth! It works on so many levels!!" Ah-ha. So that's how you run in those things!

I am the bearded cow-like seabeast[walrus] I am the bearded cow-like seabeast[walrus] Paul is dead... coo-coo-ca-choo!

Rave number 4... The fan spoof. Mulder watched the movie 42 times... a true fan. Is that really sad? :-) Even the use of the number 42 is a poke at astute fans... and I should laugh, because I fell into the trap :-) Indeed, 42, along with 1013 and 1121, is one of those numerials which always seems to pop up in the background. But, like so many fans before them, Mulder and Scully themselves make the pilgrimage to Hollywood... we're off to California! And Rave number 4a... more of a spoof here, actually. Indeed, much of this episode is taking place 18 months in the past, which is roughly two years earlier, and in real life terms, about the time the X-Files actually did relocate to California. Like I said, David is offering us a metaphorical window into his life.

"Mulder, I think Tea Leoni has a little crush on you." Oh really, eh? :-)

Rave number 5... the bubblebath threesome. This, I think, is self-explanatory :-)

"I'm in love with Assistant Director Skinner!" It appears as if Mr. Duchovny has been keeping up to date with his fanfic.

Rave number 6. Mulder finds Wayne Federman's movie impossible to bear, but he only storms out when Tea Leoni-Scully announces that she is in love with AD Skinner. I guess Mulder has some deep fears that he cannot bear to confront.

Yes. One movie *can* really change your life.

Rave number 7. David Duchovny is a shipper, but we all knew that.

Rave number 8... The hand-hold and the magical FBI credit card. Oh, what many wonderful adventures Spooky and Sister Spooky will have with that! A shipper's imagination is unbridled.

Rave number 9. The ending. Michael Jackson's "Thriller," ballroom style. A crazy end to a wonderfully crazy episode.

Well gang, speaking of craziness, that about ends my crazy review. I hope I didn't freak any of you out... told ya I was a little punchy tonight. A 10 hour work day and no sleep will do that to you *giggle* Anyway, this was a hilarious episode. A great job by David! Though I've often argued otherwise, let's hope there is an 8th season so we may witness more acts of greatness from this man.

Squall's Rating: 8

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