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Field Report

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A weekly critical analysis and review of episodes covering seasons 5 through 8. Reviews include commentary on mythology and character development, summary, and of course, my own two cents *LOL*

An Administrative Note to Everyone: After having given it a lot of consideration, I decided at the end of season 8 not to continue posting episode reviews on a weekly basis. It was just too difficult for me to create the time to actually sit down and complete a full review after each new episode. Because of this, I made the decision to "retire" from writing reviews as of May 2001 (my last full review was for Existence,aka the season 8 finale).

Now many of you know that I did promise to post a few short reviews on season 9 episodes, and I did manage this for a few of them (Note: these comments can be found in the section called Random Reflections on Season 9). But what now, since the show is officially over? Well, this site will now become an archive for past season reviews, and thus can be used for reference. In other words, nothing will be removed. The archives contain reviews for over 70 episodes, and these will remain accessible for anyone who wants to read them. Browse through this page or visit the review directories to access these reports.

Also, please remember that I still welcome feedback! As in the past, feel free to comment on any review or episode you like. I always enjoy discussing points of view on different episodes, no matter what season or year they first aired. Drop me a line if there's something about a particular episode, present or past, that you'd like to discuss. Once again, keep checking back!

Finally, if you would like to use any of these reviews, whether you are linking to them, quoting them, or adding them to your own archives, I would appreciate if you would notify me via email BEFORE you add them to your page. Please contact me at In most cases, I don't have a problem with you using my reviews. However, I do ask that you link back to me and give me the proper credit, and let me know you are adding them to your page so I know how they're being used.

Feedback, comments, and suggestions are also welcome. Additional questions about my reviews, the mailing list, or any other section of the page can also be forwarded to the email address noted above. Thanks!

Random Reflections on Season 9.

Although I no longer write full reviews, I still drop a few comments here and there. Check out my random thoughts if you're eager for some season 9 discussion.

Back by popular demand! Full ratings for season 9 episodes. Check them out! Season 9 Episode Ratings

The Field Report Archives

These archives contain episode reviews for seasons 5 through 8; every review I have ever written. Reviews are arranged by season and airdate. To find a review, simply look it up by season and click on the title as it appears in the review directory, or you can simply browse through the archives until you find something that interests you.

Note: also included in the archives is an explanation of the rating/classification scale I've used for the eps. Every episode has been assigned a rating out of 10, based on elements such as quality of writing, characterization, flow, etc. For a detailed explanation of the rating scale, click here.

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