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TitleClassificationSquall's Rating
Redux I 5X02Mythology8
Redux II 5X03Mythology9
The Unusual Suspects 5X01Mythology7
Detour 5X04MOTW8
The Post Modern Prometheus 5X06MOTW10
A Christmas Carole 5X05Mythology7
Emily 5X07Mythology6
Kitsunegari 5X08myth/stand5
Shizogeny 5X09MOTW4
Chinga 5X10MOTW4
Kill Switch 5X11MOTW4
Bad Blood 5X12MOTW10
Patient X 5X13Mythology6
The Red and the Black 5X14Mythology8
Travelers 5X15Mythology1
Mind's Eye 5X16MOTW7
All Souls 5X17myth/stand7+
The Pine Bluff Variant 5X18myth/stand alone8
Folie A Deux 5X19MOTW8
The End 5X20Mythology8

Rating Scale

Episodes are rated on a scale of 1 to 10. A detailed explanation of the rating scale appears below, but in general, I consider a 6-7 rating to be the average, enjoyable X-File; this is a good rating. Anything higher indicates an exceptional episode, and anything lower indicates a weaker episode.

Classification Scale

My episode classification scheme may differ slighty from others on the web. Since there are a fair number of episodes which exist in a gray area between mythology and MOTW, in essense "pseudo-mythology," I feel they belong in a category of their own. Here's an explanation:

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