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Welcome to Destinations, a page that provides info on myself and my interests, as well as a number of links to other places on the web.



First thing's first. A little about me... the person behind the page...

Location: Toronto, Canada

General Interests: horseback riding, travel, movies, reading, writing, critique & review writing, sci-fi, rock music, world issues, environment, conservation, horse racing, literature, baseball, web design.

Favourite Artists/Bands: U2, Travis, Coldplay, Stereophonics, Pilate, Sam Roberts, Audioslave, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Keane, Snow Patrol, The Tragically Hip, Weezer, Oasis, The Verve, Radiohead, The Cranberries, Blue Rodeo, REM, The Beatles, Smashing Pumpkins, + dozens more!

Favourite Movies (impossible to list them all, but here's a selection): Lord of the Rings saga, Bridget Jones's Diary, Harry Potter, Minority Report, Garden State, Shrek, Amelie, Moulin Rouge, Star Wars saga, The Matrix, The Shawshank Redemption, Edward Scissorhands, The Lion King, Trainspotting, Spiderman 2, High Fidelity, Snatch, Fight Club, Three Kings, The Bourne Identity, Austin Powers II: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Mansfield Park, Face/Off, The Black Stallion, Terminator 2, Rattle and Hum, Apollo 13, Field of Dreams, etc, etc...

Ok. Now the question that I get asked most often. In case you're wondering about the nickname spookysquall; please don't :-) No, I'd rather you not call me by this name; and no, it has nothing to do with the game Final Fantasy. As for the origins of title itself, it's a very very long story but I acquired it many years ago while I was still in high school. Let's just say it had something to do with anagrams, and then coincidentally, the fact that I signed up for an internet account on the same day and used the title for lack of anything else. Basically, it was one of those very random things that ended up sticking. Although the name has never held any "offline" significance for me, the online title has endured. Over 6 years later, it is still my signature. Anyway... that's my story.

The X-Files

Now that the basic introductions are out of the way, we can move on. Of course, it only makes sense to start off with The X-Files, since the show is one of the themes of my main page, Squall's Spooky Corner.

Why an X-Files page, you may be asking; well, basically, it started up by accident. Back in highschool (which seems like many, many years ago now), we were all pretty big X-File geeks. Some of us started making webpages as a hobby, and within a few months many of them had morphed into X-Files sites. My own page took on a slightly different direction. I had been a writer for our highschool newspaper, and I was usually the person who was responsible for writing movie reviews. Based on this interest I have in critical writing, I thought it would be fun to write X-Files articles. So a few years, I wrote weekly episode reviews, and I managed to attract a little cult following. Though I no longer write these reviews, all my past articles are archived on my site, and will remain so for anybody who wants to read them.


Next on the agenda (though this really comes first in my heart), the Irish rock band U2. I absolutely love this band, and I have for over a decade. I don't think my passion for anything comes as close as it does to this band and the incredible music that they make. They are simply an outstanding group, and deserve all the credit they have been given, and so much more. I have two words for U2, should I ever meet them, or should they ever read this. Thank You!

And, of course, I have a page devoted to my love of these four guys and their music as well :-) It's nothing fancy, basically a personal tribute page, but as I've said before, I couldn't even fathom making a web page without devoting at least one section to the greatest band in the universe :-) So, if you're a U2 fan, or simply curious, check out my mini-site, U2 ~ In the Name of Love.

spookysquall's Hits

There will be a lot more to come for this page in the near future, but in the meantime, here are some other destinations for you. I present to you spookysquall's Hits, a very elite group of sites. Sure, I have several hundred links to other sites on my collective webpages, and they're all fantastic. But which sites do I visit the most? Here's a sampling below (and yes, I know I've forgotten a few. My memory fails me in my old age. Feel free to yell at me and I'll make the proper corrections)

Fun with Lord of the Rings

I love The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. It has long been one of my favourite stories, and now of course, it is my favourite film (and Samwise Gamgee is my hero!). If you're a Lord of the Rings fan, I think you'll find these sites particularly entertaining. Enjoy!

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