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Spirit Stones
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Spirit Stones

Spirit <a href=Stone Photo" src="http://karlmarx.leadhoster.com/images/spiritcaribou.jpg" width="275" height="166"> Animal spirits play an important role in traditional northern culture. Land animals are protectors, sky creatures embody spirituality and wisdom and water creatures are healers. The bearer of a Spirit Stone uses the qualities of the spirit to create balance in their own lives.


Small stones or pebbles
Fine tip permanent black marker or ink

How to Make your Spirit Stone

  1. Select a Stone
    Small stones with at least one flat smooth side work best.
    The stone in the picture above is about 35mm x 20mm.
  2. Select a Design (Spirit)
    Select a design from the ones shown on the Spirit Stones Design Page or 
    create your own.
  3. Finishing
    Carefully draw your design onto the stone you have selected.
    Sign the back, or add the name of your community, the type of animal, or spirit qualities it has.
  4. Carry your Spirit Stone with you!