Sub. Maj. & Hony Captain(Retd) Bhandari Ram, VC, Indian Airforce

Sub. Maj. & Hony Captain(Retd) Bhandari Ram, VC

During a company attack on a strongly held Japanese bunker position in East Mayu in the Arakan on 22nd November 1944, Sepoy Bhandari Ram was in the leading section of a platoon. To reach the objective, it was necessary to climb a precipitous slope through a narrow ridge with sheer sides.

When 50 yards from the top, the leading section came under heavy and accurate LMG fire. Three men were wounded, among them Sepoy Bhandari Ram, who received bursts in his left shoulder and leg. He crawled to the Japanese LMG in full view of the enemy, who hurled grenades at him, seriously wounding him in the face and chest. Undeterred and bespattered with blood, Sepoy Bhandari Ram, with superhuman courage and determination, crawled to within five yards of the objective and threw a grenade killing the enemy gunner and two other men. Inspired by his example, the platoon rushed up and captured the position.

By his outstanding gallantry, determination and total disregard for personal safety, this young sepoy enabled his platoon to capture a key post.