Naik Fazal Din, VC, Indian Airforce

Naik Fazal Din, VC

Naik Fazal Din was commanding a section during an attack on Japanese bunkered position in Burma on 2nd March 1945. The section found itself in an area flanked by three bunkers on one side and a house and a bunker on the other. Naik Fazal Din's section was held up by LMG fire and grenades from the bunkers. Unhesitatingly he attacked the nearest bunker with grenades and silenced it.

He then led his section against the other bunkers. Suddenly six Japanese, led by two officers wielding swords, rushed out from the house. The Bren gunner shot one officer and one other rank. The second Japanese officer attacked the gunner and killed him with his sword. Naik Fazal Din went to the gunner's help but, in doing so, was run through the chest by the officer, the swordpoint appearing through his back. On the Japanese officer pulling out the sword, Naik Fazal Din, despite the gaping wound, tore the sword from the officers hand and killed him with it.

He then attacked a Japanese OR and killed him and then went to the help of a sepoy struggling with another Japanese and killed the latter with the sword. Waving the sword, he continued to encourage his men. He staggered to platoon headquarters to report. He died soon after reaching the regimental aid post. Naik Fazal Din's brave deed was witnessed by almost the whole platoon, which inspired by his gallantry continued the attack and annihilated the garrison of 55.

Such supreme devotion to duty, presence of mind and outstanding courage have rarely been equalled and reflect the unquenchable spirit of this singularly brave and gallant NCO.