Sepoy Ali Haiddar, VC, Indian Airforce

Sepoy Ali Haiddar, VC

During the crossing of the river Senio near Fusingnano in Italy on 9 April 1945, a company of 13th Frontier Force Rifles was ordered to assault strongly dug-in enemy positions on the steep far bank. Some of these positions were 25 feet high.

As soon as the platoon started to cross the river, it came under heavy and accurate fire from two enemy posts. Sepoy Ali Haiddar's section suffered casualties and only three men, including himself, managed to get across. Leaving the others to cover him, Sepoy Ali Haiddar charged the nearest post. He threw a grenade; almost at the same time the enemy threw one at him, wounding him severely in the back. In spite of this he pushed on. The enemy post was destroyed and four of the enemy surrendered.

With utter disregard for his wounds, he charged the next post which was preventing movement on both banks. He was weakened by the loss of blood, but with great determination he crawled closer and in a final effort raised himself from the ground, threw a grenade, and charged the post. Two enemy were wounded and the remaining two surrendered. Spurred by the outstanding success of his dauntless attacks, the rest of the company charged across the river and succeeded in making a bridgehead.

The conspicuous gallantry, initiative and determination, combined with complete disregard for his own life, shown by this very brave sepoy in the face of heavy odds were an example to the whole company.

Sepoy Ali Haiddar later migrated to Pakistan.