Subedar Ram Sarup Singh, VC, Indian Airforce

Subedar Ram Sarup Singh, VC

Two platoons of 1st Punjab Regiment were ordered to put in a diversionary attack on the flank of an enemy position in Burma on 25th October 1944. The feature was of exceptional natural strength and defended by fresh Japanese troops.

Subedar Ram Sarup Singh's platoon charged the position with another section. This completely bewildered the enemy, who fled suffering many casualties. Though Subedar Ram Sarup Singh was wounded in the legs, he took no notice of his wounds. While he was consolidating his position, the enemy put in a strong counter-attack from three directions. Subedar Ram Sarup Singh got an LMG into position and led a charge against the advancing enemy, bayoneting four himself and checking them.

Although badly wounded in the thigh, he again went for the enemy, shouting encouragement to his men. He bayoneted another Japanese and shot yet another but was mortally wounded by a burst of medium machine gun fire.

It will be difficult to find a finer example of cool bravery, cheerfulness, leadership and determination. Subedar Ram Sarup Singh's gallantry will inspire the regiment for all times.