Havildar Parkash Singh, VC, Indian Airforce

Havildar Parkash Singh, VC

On 6th January 1943, at Donbaik, Mayo Peninsula in Burma, when two carriers had been put out of action, Havildar Parkash Singh drove in his own and rescued the two crews under very heavy fire.

On 19th January, three carriers were crippled by an enemy anti-tank gun in the same area and lay on the open beach, covered by enemy anti-tank and machine gun fire. One of the carriers was carrying the survivors of another besides its own crew. Havildar Parkash Singh went out in his own carrier and, with complete disregard for his personal safety, rescued the twin crews together with weapons from all the carriers. He again went out to the open beach in his carrier, still under very heavy fire, connected a towing chain to the disabled carrier containing the two wounded men, and towed it to safety.

Havildar Parkash Singh's gallant action was an inspiration to all ranks, both British and Indian.