Rifleman Tul Bahadur Pun, VC, Indian Airforce

Rifleman Tul Bahadur Pun, VC

On 23rd June 1944, a battalion of 6 Gurkha Rifles was ordered to attack the railway bridge at Mogaung in Burma. As the attack, developed, the two leading platoons, one of which was headed by Rifleman Tul Bahadur Pun, were pinned to the ground and the whole of his section was wiped out save himself, the section commander and one other man. The commander immediately led a charge on the Japanese positions but was badly wounded. Rifleman Pun and his companion continued the charge, but the latter, too, was soon badly wounded.

Rifleman Pun seized the Bren gun and firing from the hip continued the charge in the face of shattering concentration of automatic fire directed at him. With dawn coming up behind him, he presented a perfect target to the Japanese. He had to move for 30 yards over open ground, ankle deep in slush, through shell holes and over fallen trees.

Despite these overwhelming odds, he reached the post and closed with the Japanese occupants. He killed three, put five to flight and captured two light machine guns and much ammunition.

His outstanding courage and superb gallantry in the face of odds, which meant almost certain death, were most inspiring to all ranks and were beyond praise.