Wing Commander Vinod Kumar Neb, Vr.C(Bar), Indian Airforce

Wing Commander Vinod Kumar Neb, Vr.C(Bar)

On 6th September 1965, Flying Officer Vinod Kumar Neb was detailed as Number 2 in a section of two aircraft to carry out a standing patrol over Halwara airfield. two of our aircraft were on the circuit.

Suddenly four Pakistani Sabre jets sneaked in low and started to attack the airfield and also our aircraft on the circuit. Flying Officer Neb , though still under training and lacking experience, attacked the enemy formation with supreme confidence and shot down one Sabre.

During this encounter, Flying Officer Neb displayed commendable courage and devotion to duty. For this he was awarded the Vir Chakra.

On 4th December 1971, Flt Lt Neb was No.3 in a formation of four aircraft on a mission to strike the airfield of Karmitova in the Dacca complex. While the formation was near the target it was intercepted by three Sabres. Flt Lt Neb engaged an enemy aircraft and shot it down.

Thereafter he saw another Sabre and although he was low on fuel, he started manoeuvring his aircraft for a vantage position to engage the enemy aircraft. Meanwhile, the fuel warning light on the aircraft came on and his leader also ordered him to disengage in view of the limited fuel.

Flt Lt Neb brought the aircraft safely to base in spite of engine trouble. Subsequently, he flew a number of ground strike missions in the Commilla Sector. Along with his leader, he was responsible for destroying enemy bunkers and gun positions on the hillocks overloking our troops in Barkal which enabled its capture by our troops.

Throughout the operations, Flt Lt Neb displayed gallantry and skill of a high order. For this he was awarded the bar to Vir Chakra.