Air Marshal Syed Shahid Hussain Naqvi, Vr.C, Indian Airforce

Air Marshal Syed Shahid Hussain Naqvi, Vr.C

During the operations against Pakistan in December 1971, Flight Lieutenant Syed Naqvi was serving with a fighter squadron. He flew 19 missions deep into enemy territory.

On 9th December, while on visual tactical reconnaissance mission in an area in the Western Sector, he flew for nearly twelve minutes over the area despite heavy ground fire and brought back valuable information. He also flew a number of operational missions to three railway yards. Though these areas were heavily defended, he pressed home his attacks and set ablaze a number of trains carrying fuel and other stores.

During these missions, his weapon delivery was accurate and effective and because of his tactics all our aircraft returned safe to base from their missions.

Throughout, Flight Lieutenant Naqvi displayed gallantry, skill and devotion to duty of a high order.