Air Cmde(Retd) Manbir Singh VM

Air Cmde(Retd) Manbir Singh, Vr.C, VM

During the operations against Pakistan in December, 1971, Flight Lieutenant Manbir "Buzzy" Singh was based with IAF 28 Squadron at Gauhati in the Eastern Sector. He flew 29 sorties in counter air and offensive support missions over Bangladesh. During an escort mission he engaged enemy aircraft successfully, forcing them to break off their attacks on the main formation, which was occupied in striking the enemy's airfield. He executed bombing missions against heavily defended airfields by day and night.

He also took part in rocket and bomb strikes against variety of targets, like troops, bunkers, gun positions, tanks, dumps and radio transmitters. These targets were protected by guns of varying calibre and on more than one occasion his aircraft was hit by ground fire.

Throughout, Flight Lieutenant Manbir Singh displayed gallantry, determination and flying skill of a high order for which he is awarded the "Vir Chakra".

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