Air Vice Marshal(Retd) Bhupendra Kumar Bishnoi, Indian Airforce

Air Vice Marshal(Retd) Bhupendra Kumar Bishnoi, Vr.C(Bar)

Squadron Leader Bhupendra Kumar Bishnoi arrived at Halwara on 7th September 1965 for taking part in air operations against Pakistan. Within a period of 15 days, he carried out 16 operational missions of which seven were in close support of the army in the Kasur/Lahore Sector.

When the enemy ran out of ammunition in the Kasur region, Squadron Leader Bishnoi with a formation of four aircraft destroyed a train carrying ammunition at Raiwind railway station. The denial of this vital suply was a major factor in causing the enemy to withdraw its armour from this Sector with heavy losses.

In his other offensive sorties he destroyed or damaged atleast 10 enemy tanks, armoured vehicles and gun emplacements. Although his aircraft was hit on three different occasions he pressed home his attacks. Throughout these operations, Squadron Leader Bishnoi displayed courage and leadership in the highest traditions of the Air Force and was awarded the Vir Chakra.

During the Indo-Pak war in December 1971, Wing Commander Bhupendra Kumar Bishnoi was in command of an operational fighter squadron in the Eastern Sector. He led the first two bombing missions over Tezgaon airfield and undeterred by heavy ground fire, he hit Tezgaon runway and also destroyed a large transport aircraft on the ground.

During one of these bombing missions, his aircraft was hit by a heavy shell and sustained severe damage. Notwithstanding this, he pressed home his attack. On 14th December, he raided military targets in Dacca inspite of intense ground fire. His attacks on the Government House at Dacca and other targets were carried out with accuracy.

During the missions in support of the Army, he led 10 sorties against heavily defended enemy positions in the Comilla Sector and destroyed enemy bunkers and strongholds.

Throughout the operations, Wing Commander Bishnoi displayed gallantry, professional skill and leadership of a high order.