Group Captain Apramjeet Singh, Indian Airforce

Group Captain Apramjeet Singh, Vr.C

During the Indo-Pak conflict of 1971, Flt Lt Apramjeet Singh flew 21 operational sorties consisting of escort and sweep missions deep inside enemy territory. On 8th Dec 1971, while flying as No.2 in the Chhamb Sector, his formation encountered heavy enemy ground fire in which his leader(Denzil Keelor) was shot down.

His own aircraft was also hit and sustained heavy damage. Despite the fact that the aircraft was almost uncontrollable due to damage to its port wing and many other systems becoming unserviceable, he displayed exemplary skill and courage in bringing his aircraft back to base safely. In this action Flt Lt Apramjeet Singh displayed gallantry and professional skill of a high order.