Sqn Ldr Aruna Kumar Datta, Vr.C, Indian Airforce

Sqn Ldr Aruna Kumar Datta, Vr.C

During the India-Pakistan war in December 1971, Flt Lt Aruna Kumar Datta flew several operational missions. On 12th December, while he was escorting a strike mission, the leader of the mission spotted two enemy F-104 aircraft constituting a direct threat to our strike force.

Both the enemy aircraft were immediately engaged by Flt Lt Datta and his leader. Flt Lt Datta got behind one of the enemy aircraft but it rolled out and attempted to escape. With great skill, he manoeuvred his aircraft behind the enemy and fired both his missiles and destroyed the enemy aircraft.

In this action, Flt Lt Datta displayed gallantry, professional skill and devotion to duty of a high order.