Sqn Ldr(Retd) Pradyot Dastidar, Vr.C, Indian Airforce

Sqn Ldr(Retd) Pradyot Dastidar, Vr.C

On 15th September 1965, Flt Lt Pradyot Dastidar was detailed as the navigator of a target marking aircraft to lead a massive attack on the heavily defended Peshawar airfield. Visibility was so bad that he could see the airfield only when he was directly overhead.

As soon as he dropped a flare to see the target, the anti-aircraft guns opened up a heavy barrage. Undaunted by the shells and tracers he made a steady run and marked the target for the bombing stream coming behind. Then he turned around to see his bomb, while the anti-aircraft guns were firing and shells were bursting around him.

After sighting the target indicating bomb, he passed the bombing index to the leader of the stream. He left the vicinity of the airfield only after he had confirmed that the leader of the stream had understood the bombing index.

In this and seven other missions, Flt Lt Pradyot Dastidar displayed courage and skill of a high order.