Group Captain(Retd) Sube Singh Malik, Vr.C, VM, Indian Airforce

Group Captain(Retd) Sube Singh Malik, Vr.C, VM

During the 1965 Indo-Pak war, Sqn Ldr Sube Singh Malik was engaged in operations against Pakistan as a flight commander of a Hunter squadron. He caused extensive damage and destruction to enemy tanks, vehicles and troops. He pressed home his attacks with determination and courage inspite of heavy enemy ground fire and enemt interceptor aircraft.

On one occasion the control surfaces of his aircraft were damaged but with skill he brought back his aircraft and landed safely at his base. During another sortie near Harbanspura railway station his formation caused extensive damage to enemy armour and gun positions in spite of heavy enemy anti-aircraft fire.

The courage and tenacity of Sqn Ldr Malik were in the highest traditions of the Air Force.