Wg Cdr(Retd) Madhukar Shantaram Jatar, Vr.C, VM, Indian Airforce

Wg Cdr(Retd) Madhukar Shantaram Jatar, Vr.C, VM

During the operations against Pakistan, Sqn Ldr Madhukar Shantaram Jatar was the flight commander in an operational squadron which carried out 14 operational sorties. On 7th September 1965, he led a formation of eight Mysteres on a ground strike mission on Bhagranwala airfield.

The raid had to be carried out at a low altitude when visibility was poor. Sqn Ldr Jatar inspired his men with courage and tenacity of purpose and the attack on the airfield was pressed home resolutely. As a result, one enemy Sabre jet was destroyed and another damaged. After carrying out the mission successfully, Sqn Ldr Jatar brought his formation of eight aircraft safely back to the base.

In this operation, Sqn Ldr Jatar displayed leadership, devotion to duty and professional skill of a high order in the best traditions of the Air Force.