Sqn Ldr(Retd) Jasbeer Singh, Indian Airforce

Sqn Ldr(Retd) Jasbeer Singh, Vr.C

Sqn Ldr Jasbeer Singh was a flight commander in a fighter squadron operating in the Western Sector during the operations against Pakistan. On 7th September 1965, he led a strike mission against a high-powered Pakistani radar unit near the Gujranwala airfield, which was greatly hampering our air operations.

As his formation was about to attack, he observed four enemy Sabre jets approaching. He immediately warned the formation but undaunted by the intercepting enemy aircraft of superior performance and the intense ground fire, he pressed home his attack and inflicted severe damage on the radar station. In his final attack, when he had to approach the target very low, his aircraft was hit by ground fire and crashed near the target.

In this action, Sqn Ldr Jasbeer Singh displayed great valour and unflinching devotion to duty, in the finest traditions of the Air Force.