Air Cmde(Retd) Peter Maynard Wilson PVSM, Vr.C, VM, Indian Airforce

Air Cmde(Retd) Peter Maynard Wilson, PVSM, Vr.C, VM

Wg Cdr Peter Maynard Wilson was in command of a bomber squadron which was given the task of destroying the high-powered radar station near Badin in the Kutch area. The radar station was heavily defended by anti-aircraft guns and it could also call upon its interceptor aircraft to defend it from any air attack.

The nature of the target was such that it required extreme accuracy in bombing to achieve satisfactory results. It was, therefore decided to undertake a low-level bombing raid in broad daylight so that the bomber crew could take full advantage of good visibility and achieve the utmost precision.

With full knowledge of the dangers involved, Wg Cdr Wilson led his squadron and attacked the radar station with confidence and determination. In spite of very heavy opposition, he and his formation successfully destroyed the radar station so vital to the enemy.

The courage, leadership and skill displayed by Wg Cdr Wilson on this occassion were in the best traditions of the Air Force.