Air Cmde(Retd) Surapati Bhattacharya , Indian Airforce

Air Cmde(Retd) Surapati Bhattacharya, Vr.C, VM

Wg Cdr Surapati Bhattacharya was the commander of an operational fighter squadron in the Western Sector in September 1965. He led a large number of missions against enemy armour and troop concentrations in close support of the Army.

In the face of enemy ground fire and air opposition, he pressed home his attacks and succeeded in destroying a large number of enemy tanks, armoured vehicles and troop concentrations. In every operational mission he undertook, he flew as the leader of the formation, and apart from the successes he achieved personally, he contributed to a great extent towards the successes achieved by the other aircraft of these formations.

By his personal example, he inspired other officers and airmen and instilled in them a spirit of confidence. Wg Cdr Bhattacharya displayed courage, determination and leadership of a high order in the best traditions of the Air Force.