Air Cmde(Retd) Anthony Ignatius Kenneth Suares Vr.C(Bar), Indian Airforce

Air Cmde(Retd) Anthony Ignatius Kenneth Suares, Vr.C(Bar)

Wg Cdr Anthony Ignatius Kenneth Suares got his first Vr.C for his role in Kashmir operations on 26 January 1950.

Wg Cdr Anthony Ignatius Kenneth Suares was the commanding officer of the Canberra unit operating with the UN Forces in the Congo. On 6th December 1961, he and his navigator, Flt Lt Tackle, were on an air-to-ground operational strafing sortie against an enemy airfield and other installations in Katanga. These officers carrried out the attack despite intense enemy fire from the ground and destroyed the target, thus enabling the ground forces to achieve their objective.

A number of bullets hit the aircraft. One of them hit the navigator in the thigh and he began to bleed profusely. Disregarding his own safety, Wg Cdr Suares set the aircraft on auto-pilot and rendered first aid to the navigator and helped save his life.

In doing this, Wg Cdr Suares showed courage in keeping with the highest traditions of the Air Force. He was awarded a Bar to his Vir Chakra.