Air Cmde(Retd) Narinder Chatrath, Indian Airforce

Air Cmde(Retd) Narinder Chatrath, Vr.C

On 4th December, 1971, Wg Cdr Narinder Chatrath led an attack on Kurmitola, the heavily defended airbase near Dacca. Near the target, the formation was intercepted by Pakistani Sabres. As the formation broke out to deal with the attacking Sabres, Wg Cdr Chatrath engaged a Sabre. After a dogfight the Sabre disengaged and started returning to base. Although the weather was bad and the fuel was running low, he chased the Sabre deep into enemy territory, engaged it in another dogfight and shot it down. The aircraft hit the ground and blew up in flames. In this action, Wg Cdr Chatrath displayed gallantry and flying skill of a high order.