Air Chief Marshal Anil Yashwant Tipnis, Tipnis goes Uzi, Indian Airforce

Tipnis goes Uzi
(Article from Jungle Telegraph 21/5/2000)

Air Chief Tipnis recieves a guard of honour in Sri Lanka

India's Air Force Chief, Air Chief Marshal Anil Yashwant Tipnis, is a lover of outdoor activities like gliding, sailing and riding.

During his visit to Sri Lanka in May 2000, he showed how curious he was to learn things. He saw an airman carrying an Uzi sub machine gun. He walked up to him and wanted to know where it was made and how it worked. He was told it was one of the best weapons Israel had produced.

Within hours, ACM Tipnis was at the firing range at the Sri Lanka Air Force Base at Katunayake, blasting away with an Uzi.

He did get a few bulls eyes much to the delight of his Sri Lankan counterpart, Air Marshal Jayalath Weerakoddy, an old friend.