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In Conversation with Molina Tipnis
(Article from Hindustan Times 1/10/2000)

Her interior designing skills have featured in various upmarket interior magazines. The wife of India's Air Chief Marshall, Molina Tipnis recounts on how she went about changing the look of her house.

Q: What was the house that you got and how did you change its look ?

A: The Air Force House when allotted to us, though intact, had an old-fashioned look to it. Its flooring had started pitting, it was dark and dingy and there was nothing extraordinary about it to write home about. In short, it was just like any other government accommodation, which is what I strove to change.

The first change I brought about was to change the entire flooring of the house. I replaced it with beige coloured Italian marble interspersed with old designed tiles to give it a nice look. As the authorities did not want us to dig the whole flooring lest the foundation of the house might crumble, we just added a layer on the previous floor to avoid that.

The skylights that were there near the ceilings were covered with paintings so that the sunlight that pours through them adds colour to the rooms. Part of the verandah near the bedroom was also covered to provide as a study for my husband.

Q: What personal touches did you give to the house?

A: By decorating the house with artefacts and other objects that I had collected down the years I gave it a homely touch which it so badly needed. I added two acquariums in the drawing room at the bottom of two showcases, which had a transparent background to them so that one could see the lawns beyond. Show windows all over the residence house my personal collections, like the crystal vases and other objects from Russia and Hungary, different kinds of Ganeshas collected from various places in the country, wood consoles and other curios.

Q: And the garden?

A: The very first change that I brought about in the garden was to get the tree in the front lawn relieved of all the moss growing over it so that it exhibits its own wonderful natural design. I perched artificial larger than life parrots and parakeets atop branches of trees growing in the lawns as well as put eggs, nests and hung temple bells from them to impart a homely touch, in this case of that of the birds.

Also, in the back garden a waterfall has been built which has a tiny island inside with an equally tiny bridge leading to it.

Q: Which is your favourite place in the house ?

A : My favourite place in the house is my room, which has a touch of me in it. It has bed coverings and other personal belongings all purchased by me and my husband as we both consult each other before buying any stuff for our home.