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How Green is her garden!
(Article from Hindustan Times 10/8/2000)

Life-sized models of parakeets peer through the branches of trees, traditional bells hang from the branches and artificial eggs are kept at the bottom to give the garden a "close to nature" look. This is Air Force House's green patch for you.

The lawns around the Air Chief Marshal's abode though immaculately kept, as government accommodations usually are, however, have been transformed into a natural paradise at the hands of its new occupant, Molina Tipnis. Ivy clinging to a massive tree in the front lawn, which also has a navy flag pole, has been totally wiped off so that nature's art, that is the tree's natural look, is there for everyone to see.

A nest has been prepared at its bottom with eggs kept in it to complete the picture. Added to this is an artificial bird from the parrot family looking askance at you from the top branches of the tree. Siblings of the bird can be seen perched on other trees as well, though it does take some peering on our part to locate them, camouflaged as they are in the greenery of the trees as if not too sure of the human world below.

The side lawn which also houses the outdoor bar has been left untouched with a section of it having white wrought-iron garden chairs embedded to the ground. The tennis grounds have also been converted into a plush green lawn. But as one walks along this portion of the lawn to go backside, prominently visible is an elephant carved out of ivy growing along the wall of the house. The special characteristic of the mammal, hued in green, is that it can be viewed from both sides.

It is the back lawn that takes your breath away for designed out of it is a waterfall with a small island inside approached by an equally tiny bridge. With water falling all over specially procured river bed stones, it is a scene out of a fairy tale. You never know the next time you visit Air Force House, you might see Thumblina floating over the pond.