Captain Ravindar Das Dhir, Vr.C, Indian Navy

Captain Ravindar Das Dhir, Vr.C

During the India-Pakistan war in December 1971, Lt Commander Ravindar Das Dhir was the pilot of an Indian naval aircraft which carried out strikes on enemy held ports in Bangladesh.

On the night of 5th December, during a bombing raid on a port, his aircraft came under heavy anti-aircraft gun fire by the ships in harbour. Regardless of his safety, he successfully completed the attack and caused heavy damage to harbour installations and ships. One of the ships was sunk during the attack.

In the same mission, whilst returning, he sighted two camouflaged gunboats in a port, and despite heavy anti-aircraft gun fire, he led two successful attacks which resulted in the sinking of one boat and immobilising the other.

Throughout, Lt Commander Dhir displayed gallantry, leadership and professional skill of a high order.