Group Captain Harcharan Singh Mangat, Indian Airforce

Group Captain Harcharan Singh Mangat, MVC

As the commanding officer of a fighter bomber squadron, Wg Cdr Mangat undertook a number of interdiction and close support missions as also many reconnaissance sorties deep into enemy territory bringing information of great value to the Army and the Air Force in their operational planning.

While on a strike mission, his aircraft was hit thrice by intense anti-aircraft fire but he pressed forward until he found that the other aircraft in his formation had also suffered serious damage. At this point, enemy interceptors came on the scene. Despite this, he extricated his formation from the hazardous situation and led it safely back to base.

On landing, it was found that his aircraft was extensively damaged. Only superb flying skill enabled him to bring a badly damaged aircraft back to safe landing.

Throughout the operations, Wg Cdr Mangat displayed conspicuous gallantry, determination, leadership and professional skill of a very high order.