Group Captain Swaroop Krishna Kaul, Indian Airforce

Group Captain Swaroop Krishna Kaul, MVC

During the Indo-Pak war in December 1971, Wg Cdr Kaul commanding a Fighter Bomber Squadron carried out four missions deep into enemy territories to cover the heavily defended sectors of Comilla, Sylhet and Saidpur.

His missions involved photographing certain areas which were badly needed in order to finalise the Army's assault plans. At times, he had to fly as low as 200 feet over the most heavily defended enemy locations. His reconnaissance flights over Tejgaon and Kurmitola airfields, in the face of the most sustained and heavy enemy ground fire stand out as acts of heroism, extreme gallantry and devotion to duty.

He also led the very first aircraft strike mission over Dacca. In this raid, his formation encountered four enemy aircraft near the target area. With exemplary leadership, Wg Cdr Kaul manoeuvred his force in such a manner that two of the enemy aircraft were shot down and the other two fled.

Throughout the period of operations, Wg Cdr Kaul displayed conspicuous gallantry, determination and professional skill of a very high order.