Group Captain Ravinder Nath Bhardwaj, Indian Airforce

Group Captain Ravinder Nath Bhardwaj, MVC

On 5th December 1971, Sqn Ldr Bhardwaj led a raid on an enemy airfield which was heavily defended by anti-aircraft and small arms fire. He himself set fire to an enemy heavy transport aircraft and eventually led his mission safely back to base.

On 7th December, he led another mission to a heavily defended power station causing heavy damage to it without any loss to our aircraft. On 10th December, he led a close support fire mission in the Chhamb area. During the first attack, his aircraft as wel as that of his No.2 were hit by ground fire, and as they pulled out of the attacks they were engaged by enemy Sabres.

Sqn Ldr Bhardwaj guided his No.2 out of danger and then even though his aircraft was badly damaged he returned to the fray, shooting down a Sabre . By this time he was alone, but he returned to the attack against Pakistani tanks and troops and caused extensive damage to these targets before bringing his damaged aircraft back to base.

Throughout the operations, Sqn Ldr Bhardwaj displayed conspicuous gallantry and leadership in the face of heavy odds which were in the highest traditions of the Air Force.