Maj Gen Susheel Gupta, Indian Army

Maj Gen Susheel Gupta, AVSM, YSM

In July 2002, Maj Gen Susheel Gupta took over as the Colonel of Jammu and Kashmir Rifles and Ladakh Scouts from Lt Gen S.S. Grewal.

Maj Gen Susheel Gupta joined the National Defence Academy in 1964 and was commissioned into 5 JAK Rifles in 1968. During his long and illustrious career, Maj Gen Susheel Gupta has held a number of command and staff appointments, mostly in active operational areas.

He also played a major role in the formation of United Nations Iraq Kuwait Observations Mission (UNIKOM) as Chief Mission Personnel Officer (CMPO), immediately after the Gulf war in 1991. He has also held prestigious instructional assignments at premier institutions of Indian Army.