Lt. Gen. Kamleshwar Davar, Indian Army

Lt. Gen. Kamleshwar Davar, AVSM

An alumni of the NDA, Lt. Gen. Kamal Davar was commissioned into the famous 7th Light Cavalry, one of the highest decorated regiments of the Armoured Corps. He later commanded the 86 AR of which he holds the appointment of the Colonel of the Regiment. He is also the Colonel of 74 AR as well. A veteran of the 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pak Wars, he was wounded in action in the 1965 War in the Lahore sector.

Lt. Gen. Davar is a graduate of the Defence Services Staff College(DSSC) and has held various staff, instructional and command appointments. He was member of the Indian Military Training team in Iraq, commanded on armoured bridge, instructor at the College of Combat, commanded the Ladakh Division, was Chief of Staff of a Corps in Jammu & Kashmir and was GOC of a Corps in the Western Sector.

A keen environmentalist, Lt. Gen. Devar was the force behind the successful campaign to plant lakhs of trees and clean the Harike bird sanctuary in Punjab.

In March 2002, Lt Gen Kamal Davar took over as DGDIA(Director General Defence Intelligence Agency) and DCIDS(Intelligence) at HQ Integrated Defence Staff. He was the Director General Mechanised Forces before assuming this appointment.

The DIA will collect, interpret and disseminate all defence-related information, whosoever may have first generated it, and also coordinate the directorates of military, air force and naval intelligence. In theory, General Davar heads a formidable organisation.

While the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) will retain primacy in matters of external intelligence, the DIA will, on the basis of a secret authorisation granted by Prime Minister V.P. Singh in 1990-1991, be able to conduct operations for tactical intelligence coverage in all of Pakistan. It will also be allowed to execute independently what intelligence operatives call "port-to-port" and "airport-to-airport" operations, movement of agents across national borders.