Air Force Day Awards 1999, Indian Airforce
Air Force Day Awards 1999

Air Chief Marshal A.Y. Tipnis, inspects a guard of honour on Air Force Day in New Delhi.

NEW DELHI, Oct 8, 1999(taken from "The Tribune"): On the occasion of the 67th anniversary of the Indian Air Force, Chief of the Air Staff Air Marshal A.Y. Tipnis presented the Vayu Sena medals and Vishisht Seva Medals to officers.

The acquisition process for the advance jet trainer (AJT) has got under way, the Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal A.Y. Tipnis, said here today.

Addressing the Air Force Day parade, he said, "I am happy to report that the long-awaited acquisition process for the AJT is under way". He added that the AJT were a pressing need for the IAF and "we would soon finalise our choice of aircraft".

Air Chief Marshal Tipnis also said that the upgradation programmes for the latest acquisition Sukhoi-30 and the MIG-21 BIS were also progressing satisfactorily besides the other programmes.

The 67th Air Force day parade came to an end with a triumphant flypast by 35 frontline fighter, transport and helicopter aircraft that created spectacular formations in the sky.

Poignant was the tribute paid to the airmen who made the supreme sacrifice in the service of the nation a box of three MIG 21s flying by with one blank slot to signify those who took off but did not come back.

The Air Chief also released a first day cover depicting the vampire aircraft to mark the 51st year of jet flying in the IAF.

Three MI-17 helicopters in VIC formation led the parade and they were followed by an IL-76 flanked by two AN-32 and a pair of Donier DO-228 in the 'big boy' formation. The 'missing man' formation of three MIG-21 fighter streamed through the sky followed in waves of five arrowhead formation each of MIG-27, Mirage-2000, MIG-29 and Jaguar warplanes. Nine Kirans gave a thrilling finale with a show of aerobatics.

Speaking about the country's security, Air Chief Marshal Tipnis said, "We cannot rest yet, as there is respite to national security. Only our eternal vigilance will ensure our security. We have to train well. fly with optimum efficiency and safety, our vigilance and operational efficiency paid off when the Pakistani Navy Atlantique maritime strike aircraft was shot down when it intruded provocatively into our territory in the Kutch area.

"We are getting necessary support from the government for modernisation and enhancement of fire-power, surveillance and reaction capability, our strength must deter the enemy," he said.

Former Chiefs of Air Staff Arjun Singh, Satya Mehra, Sumit Mehra, N.C. Suri and Vice Chief of Air Staff Chandrashekhar were present on the occasion.

Commander-in-Chief of the Russian armed forces, Colonel General Anatoly Mikhailovich Kornukov, was also present to witness the IAF parade.

Vayu Sena
Gp Capt Rajinder Singh
Wg Cdr Amit Aneja
Wg Cdr Ramesh Rai
Wg Cdr Mohit Kumar
Wg Cdr S.S. Soman
Wg Cdr Anthony Richard
Wg Cdr A.C. Bharali
Wg Cdr B.S. Dhanoa
Wg Cdr K.V.S. Parmar
Wg Cdr Sher Singh
Wg Cdr V.V. Bandhopadhay
Wg Cdr Girish Saini
Wg Cdr A.K. Murgai
Sqn Ldr Sanjay Kumar Mittal
Sqn Ldr N.S. Jamwal
Sqn Ldr H.K. Sachdeva
Sqn Ldr A.K. Gandotra
Flt Lt J.V. Sunil Kumar
Flt Lt Debashish Ganguly

Vishisht Seva
Air Cmde J.S. Sandhu
Air Cmde S.K. Sharma
Gp Capt P. Banerjee
Gp Capt P.K. Kuruvilla
Gp Capt R.K. Mohan
Gp Capt Rakesh Yadav
Gp Capt K. Rajaram
Gp Capt D. Mathews
Gp Capt J.N. Burma
Gp Capt Ashok Kumar
Gp Capt M. Banerjee
Gp Capt C.N. Ranganath
Gp Capt J.N. Rampal
Gp Capt Joseph Neri
Wg Cdr P.K. Naithani
Wg Cdr V.K. Gupta
Wg Cdr V.M. Upadhyaya
Wg Cdr Tarun Bhattacharya
Wg Cdr P.S. Roy
Wg Cdr A.K. Basu
Wg Cdr Srikrishna
Wg Cdr Ashwani Bhakoo
Wg Cdr Sukhchain Singh
Sqn Ldr Manavendra Singh
Sqn Ldr Manoj Dixit
Sqn Ldr A.S. Grover
WO Gaya Prasad
JWO D.C. Adhikari