Brig(Retd) Jasbir Pal Singh, Vr.C, SM, Indian Army

Brig(Retd) Jasbir Pal Singh, Vr.C, SM

During the Indo-Pak war in December 1971, Lt Col Jasbir Pal Singh was holding a battalion defence position in the Western Sector. On the night of 3rd December, the enemy attacked this position in overwhelming strength, supported by intense and heavy artillery fire.

He immediately rushed with a commando platoon and himself took charge of the counter-attack. After a bitter hand-to-hand fight, he forced the enemy to withdraw leaving behind over a hundred dead. Again on 5th December, the enemy launched an attack. He organised a quick and surprise counter-attack and the enemy was routed. A number of casualties and a prisoner were left behind by the enemy.

In this action, Lt. Col. J.P. Singh displayed gallantry, determination and leadership of a high order.