Lt Col(Retd) Inder Singh Kalaan, Vr.C, Indian Army

Lt Col(Retd) Inder Singh Kalaan, Vr.C

On 19th December 1947, the enemy attacked our convoy of 26 vehicles near Sadhot on Jammu-Naushera road and put up a roadblock. This area was occupied by about 300 Pathans and was four miles away from the 2 Jat boundary. 50 Para Brigade at Naushera controlled this area and 2 Jat came under 80 Infantry Brigade at Akhnur. 50 Para Brigade sent an SOS to 2 Jat for help in clearing the roadblock.

Major Inder Singh Kalaan was the senior officer then at Tactical HQ. He at once made a plan, himself led a small force on the morning of 20th December, fought a battle for seven hours though wounded twice, once in the early stage in the thigh and a couple of hours later in the arm, and drove the enemy away. As there were not sufficient troops at the HQ, he managed to form two platoons from the administration personnel including NCO's. His determination forced the Pathans to leave the dead behind with arms.

The sense of duty, resourcefulness and bold action of Major Kalaan are praiseworthy indeed.