Brig(Retd) Piara Singh, Vr.C, MC, Indian Army

Brig(Retd) Piara Singh, Vr.C, MC

On 5th March 1948, Major Piara Singh's company was ordered to carry out a night attack on a very difficult hill feature on Kaman Gosha Dhar near Naushera which was strongly held by the enemy.

The assault was carried out with great dash and determination but it could not reach the top of the objective. The company suffered very heavily in casaulties. Major Piara Singh, realising the gravity of the situation, at once withdrew his cornpany 100 yards away from the objective. After reorganising under the very nose of the enemy, he started to hit back with all the firepower of his company and was thus able to clear the casualties from exposed ground.

When the chance came for his company to attack for the second time, this officer personally led the attack and though hit by a bullet in the leg, he went on leading his men to their objective. After the capture of the objective, he still refused to be evacuated until he was ordered to do so by his commanding officer.

Throughout, Maj. Piara Singh's courage, determination and devotion to duty were of the highest order.