Brig Prabhakar Shantaram Deshpande, Vr.C, Indian Army

Brig Prabhakar Shantaram Deshpande, Vr.C

Major Prabhakar Shantaram Deshpande was the battery commander in direct support of a battalion engaged in clearing Pakistani encroachments in the Barmer Sector after the ceasefire in 1965.

During the second phase of the operations, our advancing column came under heavy fire from enemy tanks, machine guns and mortars. Major Deshpande reached quickly from his observation post and brought down the fire of his battery on the enemy force. His position was completely exposed, but without regard to his personal safety he continued to engage so that the troops he was supporting could withdraw to a safe area. He was wounded twice but refused to be evacuated. He was seriously wounded and had to be evacuated.

Major Deshpande displayed courage, devotion to duty and leadership of a very high order in keeping with the finest traditions of the army.