Maj Gen Chajju Ram, Vr.C, Indian Army

Maj Gen Chajju Ram, Vr.C

On 6th September 1965, our forces eliminated the enemy bridgehead in the Dera Baba Nanak area. During the afternoon, the enemy mounted a strong counter-attack. The enemy also brought a troop of medium tanks and proceeded to press his advantage.

The situation became desperate and Lt. Col. Chajju Ram, who was employed as GSO I (Ops) HQ XI Corps, was deputed to deal with it. His firm bearing, quick planning and leadership put heart into all ranks who promptly proceeded to carry out the orders with courage and vigour. A night attack was launched as a result of which the enemy fled in confusion, leaving behind large quantities of ammunition and equipment, including four medium tanks. Many prisoners were also taken.

This signal success was in a large measure due to the leadership of Lt Col Chajju Ram. His cool courage and determination were responsible for the rallying and effective employment of our troops which won the day.