Maj Gen(Retd) Dharitri Kumar Palit, Vr.C, Indian Army

Maj Gen(Retd) Dharitri Kumar Palit, Vr.C

On night of 17th May 1948, Lt Colonel Dharitri Kumar Palit, Commander 3/9th Gorkha Rifles, was ordered to capture a hill feature which was very strongly held by two battalions of the enemy. At midnight the forward company came up against very heavy opposition half way up the hill and the advance was halted. On seeing this Lt Colonel Palit went forward and led the company himself to the enemy position.

In the hand-to-hand fighting that ensued, Lt Colonel Palit was seriously wounded by an enemy grenade but, without worrying about his wounds, he kept on cheering and leading the men to the next objective. Though he was not able to walk, he refused to be evacuated and remained in command of the battalion till the hill was finally captured.