Risaldar and Hony Lieutenant(Retd) Kartar Singh, Vr.C(Bar), Indian Army

Risaldar and Hony Lieutenant(Retd) Kartar Singh, Vr.C(Bar)

Jemadar Kartar Singh, of 7 Cavalry, earned his first Vir Chakra on 8th February 1948 for his brave actions during the Kashmir operations.

On 1st November 1948, Jemadar Kartar Singh was in command of the leading troops which entered Gumri basin after meeting opposition all the way from Zojila onwards. Though constantly under heavy enemy small arms fire, he continuously kept his head out of the turret and engaged targets which were difficult to see through the periscope due to poor visibility. By this bold action he destroyed a number of enemy bunkers and created confusion in the enemy ranks.

In this action, Jemadar Kartar Singh displayed exemplary courage, leadership and devotion to duty of a high order for which he was awarded the Bar to Vir Chakra.