Lt Col Satish Chandra Joshi, Vr.C(Bar), Indian Army

Lt Col Satish Chandra Joshi, Vr.C(Bar)

Lt Col Satish Chandra Joshi won his first VrC on 14th June 1948 in Kashmir for his brave actions while serving with Central India Horse as a Subaltran.

During the Indo-Pak conflict of 1965, Lt Col Joshi was commanding officer of Central India Horse. He provided close support to a battalion of the Sikh Regiment for the capture of Burki on the night of 10th September and afterwards continuing his advance with a battalion of a Punjab Regiment to the east bank of Ichhogil Canal. Therefore his advance was temporarily held by enemy minefields.

Lt Col Joshi himself went forward and tried to find a detour round the enemy mines but while doing so his own tank was disabled by a mine. In complete disregard of incessant heavy enemy shelling, he walked to Burki and obtained a jeep. Driving the jeep himself, he reconnoitered a passage through the minefield on the canal bank.

Inspired by his act, the tank crew gave excellent support to the infantry in the successful completion of the mission. However, Lt Col Joshi was severely wounded in the action when his jeep blew up on a mine. He died later.

Throughout, Lt Col Joshi displayed exemplary courage, leadership and devotion to duty of a high order for which he was posthumously awarded the Bar to Vir Chakra.