Lt Gen Malvinder Singh Shergill, PVSM, VrC, VSM, Indian Airforce

Lt Gen Malvinder Singh Shergill, PVSM, VrC, VSM

Major Malvinder Singh Shergill was commanding a squadron of 7th Cavalry in the Shakargarh Sector. On 8th December 1971, he was ordered to capture a railhead which was held in strength by enemy infantry and armour.

During the assault, he moved swiftly and captured the railhead despite heavy opposition and continued to hold the same till the infantry battalion moved forward and built up on it. During the period 7th to 12th December, he led two missions against enemy armour and destroyed two tanks. On 13th December, his squadron was instrumental in throwing back elements of 20th Lancers and 33rd Cavalry of the Pakistan forces almost 9 km.

Throughout this operation, Major Malvinder Singh Shergill displayed gallantry, leadership and professional skill of a high order.